Welcome to Inspirations of Life….

What inspires you?

Each day we have an opportunity to receive and share the inspirations of all that surrounds us. We share in the bounty of a world waiting for us to be more aware of its gifts. We move through the stories that are unique to our experience, all the while remaining always connected to the collective experience. The trick is to be present and to remain open to what we personally resonate with as a space of inspiration.

By definition, Inspiration is…

1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative;

2. a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea.

3. the drawing in of breath; inhalation. (medical)

I love all of these definitions because they indicate an active component that is necessary for the effect to take place. Everyone has seen, felt or done something that made them yearn to do more, be more and gave them joy. Everyone has had that spark of illumination and the seemingly endless flow of possibilities to act upon. And, everyone has been so taken by something/one that it literally took your breath away and made the next breath deeper and more fulfilled. The writings here will hopefully evoke that power of inspiration within you.

Inspired Imagination: Writing Prompt

Today’s inspiration is one of creativity. The challenge set forth is to write your own story of a magickal Saturday….

Here are a few starters:

I startled awake from a very joy-filled dream, and …………..

Everything was quiet in the house, when…..

I looked out the window, my attention drawn by…….

Wait a minute! That can’t be…….

Double bubble. I knew my spell was in trouble when….


The door creaked open and …….

You get the idea. Now go be creative and let the magick flow!

Inspired Innocence… Run With It…

What if?

…..You could tap into the innocence of your inner child

What if?

…..You used this time of being at home to dream

What if?

…..You allowed for this space of imagining to arise each day, even after the return to life’s routine crowds is.

I chose this picture for today because it reminds me of the power of slipping into the mind of a child and all the possibilities that manifest from those imaginings. This is a time when everything is new and exciting. This is the place of crafting the “who” you want to be.

The disclaimer here is that I am not speaking of an idyllic childhood that I am all too aware that many did not have. Rather, I am speaking to the power of the mind and imagination to craft the intention it wishes, the space of joy it deserves and the ultimate release of innocence that all children should experience.

So, my inspiration – and challenge – to you today is to reach out to that inner child. Grab onto a small, yet powerful hand and run with the freedom of the possibilities!

An Inspired Weekend..

A pathworking to enter into this weekend with The Intention of Healing. This pathworking is 20min. in length and may be used as frequently as needed as you strengthen your resolve and allow healing and renewal to bolster your immune system.

You will be directed to my page on BandCamp…. The Intention of Healing

Please stay safe and well…. Robin

Light it Up! Plug into Each Other..

The inspiration today is all about connecting to each other. And, letting that(those) other(s) know tat you appreciate and value them in your life.

Many of us spend lots of time scrolling through our facebook feeds or scanning the news and latest updates on COVID-19. Let’s dedicate a bit of that time to reaching out.

Is there someone who would benefit (as well as yourself) from call today. Nothing compares to hearing a live voice, after all. Call it in and connect.

How about teleconferencing? Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype and I’m sure Im missing a few all provide free options to spend face to face time. Be creative! Group time is a great choice as well.

An email just letting that other that you are thinking of them and checking in. Maybe attach a fun picture that will provoke a smile or laughter.

And, if you are “staying at home” with family, loved ones or friends turn off the TV, break out the board games, have an impromptu cooking together moment, book discussion or just simply ask questions and listen deeply and share your thoughts.

Stay well and open to being inspired..R