The Small Joys

We are continually reminded to take note of those blessings in our lives that would otherwise remain unnoticed.  The gentle smile of a stranger or precious time spent offering a kind word or act of encouragement and support.

In Light of COVID-19 and social distancing: A smile does not require that you be in close proximity to the individual. An act of encouragement can be a virtual reach out to someone who is shut in or self-quarantined. I was struck by the act of kindness that a dear friend exhibited recently. She dropped off packages in the front of the homes of two of her friends who had self-quarantined. The packages contained wine and a special treat. The plan was a video conference “get together” to raise spirits and stave off loneliness.

We are told of the treasures that are to be found in stilling the mind and sitting simply and quietly in devotion to Deity. We are praised for selfless acts and move at times with the skill and precision of a surgeon in removing obstacles for those less fortunate than ourselves.

We offer up words of praise, comfort and inspiration and never skip a beat when speaking up for justice and equality. And, although these endeavors span far and wide they are still, nonetheless, only a fraction of measure of the joys we receive in kind from the Divine.

If you fill the space of your being with each of these “small” joys we eagerly offer to others in the name of God or Goddess, community or individual you will have built the bridge of foundation that connects to the very heart of the Divine. This bridge holds the expanse of heavenly gaze, the breadth of earth-filled beauty and the return to the joy of Spirit within that blazes brightly when fed by the gifts of service.

What small joys will you offer and receive as you begin your week?

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