Light it Up! Plug into Each Other..

The inspiration today is all about connecting to each other. And, letting that(those) other(s) know tat you appreciate and value them in your life.

Many of us spend lots of time scrolling through our facebook feeds or scanning the news and latest updates on COVID-19. Let’s dedicate a bit of that time to reaching out.

Is there someone who would benefit (as well as yourself) from call today. Nothing compares to hearing a live voice, after all. Call it in and connect.

How about teleconferencing? Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype and I’m sure Im missing a few all provide free options to spend face to face time. Be creative! Group time is a great choice as well.

An email just letting that other that you are thinking of them and checking in. Maybe attach a fun picture that will provoke a smile or laughter.

And, if you are “staying at home” with family, loved ones or friends turn off the TV, break out the board games, have an impromptu cooking together moment, book discussion or just simply ask questions and listen deeply and share your thoughts.

Stay well and open to being inspired..R

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