Inspired Innocence… Run With It…

What if?

…..You could tap into the innocence of your inner child

What if?

…..You used this time of being at home to dream

What if?

…..You allowed for this space of imagining to arise each day, even after the return to life’s routine crowds is.

I chose this picture for today because it reminds me of the power of slipping into the mind of a child and all the possibilities that manifest from those imaginings. This is a time when everything is new and exciting. This is the place of crafting the “who” you want to be.

The disclaimer here is that I am not speaking of an idyllic childhood that I am all too aware that many did not have. Rather, I am speaking to the power of the mind and imagination to craft the intention it wishes, the space of joy it deserves and the ultimate release of innocence that all children should experience.

So, my inspiration – and challenge – to you today is to reach out to that inner child. Grab onto a small, yet powerful hand and run with the freedom of the possibilities!

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