The Buzzword is Still Mindful-ness!

Taisiia/Adobe Stock

There really is something to be said for cultivating a state of mindfulness and the beneficial by-products of simply holding that intention. This doesn’t mean that we have to sit in meditation – although that is the first image conjured with use of the semantic. And, allowing ourselves to be still and quiet is not such a bad thing especially now.

Personally, I have found that just holding the intention that I will be more mind-full and subsequently more present in my day’s activities often does exactly what is needed for me to remain centered and focused, despite what comes my way. I don’t always have time to sit in contemplative meditation, nor do I always have the inclination to use my “spare time” in that way, depending on where my “busy” time has taken me. But, I can always take a breath, form the intention, and breathe out into the space surrounding filling it with the desire for presence, anchoring and strengthening.

So, with these thoughts in mind, you may wish to check out this article for ideas, suggestions and creative ways to step into the presence of Mindfulness. Enjoy!

What is Mindfulness?

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